What makes an SEO campaign really work for reals??

We meet so many clients that have been burned. I have looked at reports from clients and the report says nothing. Ugh.

It is my mission now, to share what good SEO is and how a campaign is constructed for success over time.

I know all clients wants just two things.
1. To come up on the first page of Google.
2. To have people fill out the contact form and or make an appointment for a consultation.

And, all though we guarantee over time, these things will happen, I feel like it’s important to share what we actually are doing. Here is a high-level overview of how we roll.

—-> Keyword Research & Strategy

We provide kick butt, effective research.  We figure out what the optimal keyword opportunities are for your site. We get your website viewed by your target demographic. We get the site raised through the ranks of Google. We use keywords that people are actually using. Just because you search online with certain words, doesn’t mean that people looking for your services do the same thing.

—-> Competitive Analysis

We look at who is ranking in the #1 position online and review the things they are doing. We analyze the competitors, enhance what might be working and do it better for you and your website.

—-> Content

Quality content writing is one of the most important parts of your SEO campaign. SEO-friendly blogs, articles and formatting are super important because the Google algorithm looks for keywords that are in a particular places on your web page or blog post. Optimized content for Google is the key. You can just write some stuff and post it.

—-> Technical SEO

We update your website. We optimize the heck out of it. How is your mobile experience? It’s super important that your website is working really well. We get Google to notice your site to show people all the great user experience your site has, not to mention great content!

—-> Link Building

High-end links to a website are one of Google’s strongest ranking factors. Obtaining links are a great way to spread the word on who you are as a business and what you offer.

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