Can I take your name and wait outside?

Hipster brunch spots are a refuge for jotting down business plans for new startups on the back of a receipt while eating almond flour gluten-free pancakes with 100% pure Canadian maple syrup.

Here’s the deal: I met some colleagues for breakfast to talk about business and the management of people who work at businesses.

When I walked in, gave my name and said that I was waiting for two other people, the disgruntled server and/or hostess said, “You will have to wait outside.” Nothing like, “Good morning, happy you are here,” or a “Please – just march your ass your outside and wait.”

I pursued the craft paper menu filled with kitsch illustrations of pigs and herbs. It looked awesome! Holy f – a $20 breakfast sando? Cool, I’m down.

I know how hard it can be running a resto. I get it. But we had to ask for cream a few times and then my colleague had to get up to ask for ketchup.

Being treated well is everything! Walking in the door without a “Hello” or “Good Morning” made the food taste worse than it was. In the end, even though the food was exceptional – amazeballs, actually – I won’t go back.

In business and in life, there’s a balance between providing an exceptional product and guiding a client in a way that feels good. The process is just as important as the end product. If the journey isn’t delightful then how can you be happy at the destination?

When we design anything for a client, we go through a documented process that is enjoyable for the client. Yes – creating a website can and should be fun!

—> Let’s connect and treat your clients with a brand that is respectable. connect now.