What is your personal commitment?

Every morning now I’ve made a commitment to myself to set intentions about how I want the day to unfold. I meditate on the good stuff. Hopefully, that’s the stuff that shows up mostly.

This morning I did one of my favorite meditations by Guru Singh.

I thought about how sharing personal information like this might sound. Laney is a hippie and all that stuff. In my sharing who I am authentically, I release any judgments on myself and from people. Why should I allow people that don’t know me, judge me and or make me hide who I am?

It’s my goal to not let what others say make me feel bad about myself. Or stop doing what I love because I am afraid that people are going to judge me.

Today, in my morning meditation I said to myself, “Today I move through my day with elegance and grace.”

When you wake up in the morning, do you set intentions? How about when you start a business project? Logo Design, Website design and SEO Strategy is all about setting intentions.

I slip on my loafers. Grab my keys. Turn off the lights and dash for the door. I forgot That I had the deadbolt on and I’m trying to open the door in the dark of the morning. I pull and pull and I huff and I puff. F! And then I turn on the light.  I start laughing and think. Where in my life do I just need to laugh, relax and turn on the light so I can move forward with elegance and grace?

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