What is old is new again! Are you old or new?

Thinking about innovation and businesses, there’s this super cool hair color salon called MaddisonReed. All they do is color hair. No cuts. No perms. Just color.

What a wonderful twist on something that seems so old and stale. Getting your hair colored, how boring is that?

As I walk to the color bar, I’m so excited because, yes I have gray hairs. Not like Einstein gray hairs, but like you look old and distinguished, which I’m not ready to rock the silver fox look yet. Props to my silver sisters. I ain’t there yet. Maybe it’s because I have silver in my last name. I have enough silver to go around. I wish my last name was Goldwoman.

Upon arrival, one has to press a doorbell to get into the color bar. They only let a certain amount of people in at a time. #covid The gentleman walks over in an apron, unlocks the door and invites me. He asks me a few questions and bam, he’s coloring my hair.

Something that used to take so long to do at the salon now only takes an hour or so. Literally easy as pie. You can even blow-dry your own hair.

Ready or Not here I come.

How are you optimizing your business? Making it easier, shorter, quicker, better or more focused?

As the young gentleman washes out the color in my hair and gently massages my temple (insert drool here), he says down to me with my head in the bowl, “I’ve never been so excited to get my eyebrows waxed next week.” I giggled to myself because I know that I live in a place that is open and free. I usually go to thinking about a woman when thinking about eyebrow waxing. This young, gregarious man can’t wait to have the little hairs between his eyes and above his nose removed.

Freedom of expression with the way that you look, with the way that you sound with the way that you portray yourself is so important and I love that that’s the vibe that’s mostly around San Francisco.

As San Francisco evolves and changes, I wonder how she will innovate and stay relevant.

What will you do to stay relevant?

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