Now, SEO is a Thing. We Do That …

When I went to design school at my beloved Chico State and received my degree in Visual Communications, websites just started to be a thing. Can you guess my age now?

My design career started in print. Annual report design, pagination of tons of data, billboards, flyers and all the crap you throw out from your mailbox.  I can still smell the spray mount (spray glue) to this day.

I always kept my passion for color, typography, form, function and white space. I am still obsessed with the ampersand and always will be. Please don’t call it an “and” sign. I will have to stop being friends with you.

Now, websites are a thing. And they are here to stay. We custom design websites. We write all the content for the website and make sure they stand out with elegance and style.  Not for cheesy stuff like bad design, cliches and things that show you are cheap and unorganized. Let’s keep it classy.

Now, SEO is a thing.

As the world turns, (remember that? 5 stars if you email me what that is from) so has communication tools, marketing strategies and the way people buy, listen and make decisions.

I thought for many years, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was elusive. Like this thing that wasn’t really important and snake oil.  That is was bullshit and it was bad for you. Things have changed! Now more than ever, SEO is everything and it works.

We have been offering custom-tailored SEO programs, for years now.  Since what the world needs now is love, sweet love, we are offering a no-cost audit of your website.

We will share all kinds of information about how you are showing up (or not) showing up online. From your reputation to your Google My Business and all the stuff that we will say to you where you nod your head saying “yes,” you understand and have frickin’ clue what we are talking about.

SEO website design

Now, more than ever, it’s important to drive qualified leads to your website … and that is what SEO is all about. Your website is no longer just a place to talk about yourself. It’s a place to show the good you are doing in the world, and to qualify your leads.

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