U look fancy = black dress & red lips …

I love fashion, makeup and style.

I love the way it lets you tell a story. It’s been a passion of mine since I discovered that what you wear and how you look make an impact on how you feel. Not to mention how people perceive you.

In the time of COVID,  the vibe has been wacky to say the least. Meetings are more emotional … with clients taking meetings in bed with kids screaming in the background, not to mention showing up to the Zoom exhausted.

Everyone, including myself, gets a pass right now.

I honestly believe that to be true. Anytime I feel like I am being judged showing up showered and in a full face of makeup, I just say to myself “Everyone gets a pass!”

When I show up to a meeting with my favorite eye shadow and perfect red lipstick, I feel like I am ready for the day. I can take on anything with my pretty pink lips. It makes me feel like I’ve prepared for the meeting and I can take on anything.

During these times, I felt like sometimes, maybe I should “dress down” to fit in more. Then I think, “I gotta be me!” Stay true to who I am. Putting on lipstick makes me feel good. Why should I stop doing what makes me feel good to fit in?

In the past, I have heard some people say, “I don’t want to have my brand designed, my website designed, I don’t want to look fancy” Just because it is designed, doesn’t mean it’s fancy, it just means its tailored to your business and speak to your clients.  Showcasing the values you hold dear.

Not designing a brand, is still having a brand, it just means it a default brand.


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