What makes your websites special? // Keys to a good website in 2022.

We take design a first approach to creating websites. Good user experience means happy visitors that fill out the contact form. "Template" is a bad word in our house.

I often get asked that in some way shape or form. Besides the fact that you get to work with me directly and I am not passing you off to someone overseas, (I love overseas, it's just not me.)  I have a few solid reasons below that outline what you are getting. Tangible and not tangible.

Features and Benefit points:

  1. Custom Website Design: (not a template that everyone else is using.)
  2. Compliance // CYA: We put in your privacy policy, Disclaimers, ADA compliance, and everything else so you don't get sued.
  3. Mobile Responsive:  Our websites look good and perform well on all platforms. They will adapt automatically from desktop to tablet to all phones.
  4. High-Quality Images: Let's get emotional legally. We feature images that showcase products you are selling, create a certain mood, or illustrate high quality. You own them so you won't get side by Getty.
  5. Secure: Our hosting is state of the art. The site is built and maintained on a secure platform with a proper SSL Certificate at all times.
  6. Better SEO: Optimization comes with all sites. Your site will also have it’s sitemap submitted to Google automatically!
  7. Landing Pages: Run better ad campaigns by sending them to targeted pages. 
  8. Lead Capture: Custom forms that allow you to have the best lead capture.
  9. Social Media: The site will have social media badges so your content is easy to share. We’ll also create custom icons that match your brand.
  10. Copywriting: We custom create all your content for you. No copy cats. 
  11. FAQs: We craft individual questions (and answers) to be indexed by Google. That’s an SEO play as the title of each question more closely matches what people search for in Google.
  12. Testimonials: We all know how great you are. You just can't say it and neither can your Mom. We get your clients to share a great story about your company.
  13. Google Analytics: See who is looking at your site and for how long. Knowing your audience and what they want is an important success factor for any website. Traffic stats are vital to giving your clients what they want.
  14. Email Sign up: Its all about a list. We connect your website to MailChimp so you can market.

    The list goes on... These are just a few things. You also get my commitment to excellence and my devotion to your success. I am with you every step of the way, ensuring your ROI and proper representation online.

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